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SEO techniques for search engine optimization

Optimizing search engine optimization is one of the keys to improve the performance of our website. With the latest updates that have been recently in Google, in Seoalcuadrado we recommend performing the following SEO techniques , as they are the most successful among our customers, helping them increase positions and appear in the top positions of …

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Google penalties: Rap Genius case

One of the ways in which Google grants a page rank to a website is by taking into account the number of links that other websites direct to it. Google assumes that the pages that receive the most links are interesting pages for users and gives a higher category so that it gives better …

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SEO to generate traffic in online business

As we have explained countless times, the competitiveness we find today on the Internet requires appropriate online marketing strategies . An explanatory website, even if it is responsive design and has the latest technologies, will be useless, if it subsequently fails to capture traffic. That is to say, it is not only worth existing , but also to be …

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How to do SEO audit for an online business: French case online AF

We have recently conducted an SEO audit on the online French courses page AF. Within an online marketing strategy , SEO analysis and web usability are essential. This company had its own page , but with a series of visits that customers were just reporting. And as we always say in Tic Revolution, a website is more than a shop window. It …

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Search engine optimization tips and techniques for the new year

A year ends in which there have been several key updates from Google’s tracking elements. Updates that give us clues about how SEO will be in 2015 , and what will be the appropriate search engine positioning techniques and tools  in the new year. The importance of content in the new SEO Our vision as professionals is that, even …

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