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Khanapara Teer Result 14.10.2019 Assam Teer Shillong Teer result Juwai Teer result

Khanapara Teer Result 14.10.2019  Assam Teer Shillong Teer result 14.10.2019  Juwai Teer result

Are you searching Khanapara Teer Result 14.10.2019  We publish Khanapara Teer Result on this webpage daily. Khanapar Teer, a Teer game played in Meghalaya, Assam, and Shillong. Shillong Ter result. 

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juwai khanapara shillong teer results


Juwai Teer Result
F/R (2:15pm) S/R (3:15pm)

Khanapara Teer Result
F/R (4:10pm) S/R (5:00pm)

Shillong Teer Result

F/R (4:15pm) S/R (5:15pm)

Khanapara Teer Result

Those who are not used to betting on the Federal will find a game that works a little differently from the main Brazilian lotteries. In this Teer, the players’ Shillong Ter result bet numbers are already set. Khanapara Teer Result This means that they do not choose the numbers they wish to place their bets on and mark them on the steering wheel. What happens in this Teer is that the ticket purchased by the players already comes with a numerical sequence that serves as a reference for the draw.

Khanapara Common Number/ Target For Today [ Update Time 11 am ] 14.10.2019

Direct House Ending
39,36 0 7
67,53 7 7

Shillong Common Number/ Target [ Update Time 11 am ] 14.10.2019 

Direct House Ending
68,05 7 1
25,94 4 3

Juwai Teer Common Number Target [ Update Time 11 am ] 14.10.2019


Direct House Ending
06,08 6 8
68,49 4 9

khanapara teer result live

Tickets are sold in batches of 10 fractions and consumers are free to buy as many as they like – even the full pack,Khanapara Teer Result  if any. It is necessary to know that the number of fractions purchased will be directly linked to the prize amount in case of a draw. Players who buy only a Shillong Ter result fraction of the ticket will share the eventual prize with the players who bought the remainder of the card. For ease of understanding, imagine that you have purchased a single fraction of a ticket, numbered 25,000.

juwai teer result

This means that there are nine other fractions of the same numbering available for purchase by other players. Whoever buys these fractions will automatically be competing for the prize with you.  Juwai Teer Result Therefore, if the number 25,000 is awarded and you win a prize of $ 500,000, for example,Khanapara Teer Result you will receive the corresponding to your fraction. As you only bought a fraction, you will have $ 50,000.



The origin of the Khanapara Teer dates back to the time of the Cortes of Cádiz. Then, the Minister of the Chamber of the Indies thought it would be a good way to raise public revenues without harming the suffering taxpayers. The first draw of what would later be called Khanapara Teer took place on December 18, 1811.

It was called ‘Modern Teer’, to Shillong Ter result differentiate it from the ‘Primitive Teer’ initiated by the Marquis de Esquilache. The current name of ‘ Christmas Sweepstakes’  was established on December 23, 1892, and five years later this denomination was already printed on the tickets. The first jackpot went to number 03604. The ticket price was 40 reais and the prize amounted to 8,000 pesetas, far from the current 400,000 euros.

From the first draw, it was the children of San Ildefonso who were in charge of singing the numbers, which until 1913 were printed on paper. As of this date, the wooden drum and ball system that is still used today was implemented. At present, every December 22 the illusion bursts into Spanish homes thanks to the extraordinary Christmas raffle, whose maximum prize has a value of 4 million euros.

Shillong Teer result

But those who end on December 22 empty-handed still have a date to trust: January 6, Shillong Teer result when the El Niño Teer is played. This Shillong Teer Result was born in 1941, although it did not adopt until 1966 the name with which it is known today, derived precisely from the coincidence with the date of the adoration of the Shillong Teer Resultof the Magi from the East.

How do the Khanapara Teer Result main prizes work?

Now you understand how tickets work, but do you know how you can be awarded at Federal? It is important to know all the prizes to choose your lucky ticket! Shillong Ter result  Those who bet on this Teer can win in many different ways, thus having great chances of being awarded. Prizes are separated into major and minor prizes, varying in the way they win and the prizes paid to the winners. In the main group, Caixa defines five prize ranges in each of the Khanapara Teer Result contests.

A winning number sequence – formed from the extraction of five balls – is drawn for each of these tracks. The sequences may range from 00001 to 99,999. In cases where the extraction has 100,000 tickets, 00000 can also be drawn, equivalent to the 100,000 ticket. The main Shillong Ter result  Teer prize goes to those who buy the fraction or full ticket that has the same number sequence extracted in the first prize track. In regular contests, which take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the first prize is $ 500,000.

In the Millionaire Federal, special contest that occurs once a month, the first track prize reaches $ 1.35 million. Who hits the numbers of the other tracks also wins prizes, but lower values. The prizes of these bands range from R $ 18,100 to R $ 27,000 in regular contests and from R $ 17,400 to R $ 20,000 at the Federal Millionaire. Whenever you want to see the results of any Khanapara Teer Result track, you just have to go to the Doctor Lotto results page.

Khanapara Teer Result Facts

As explained earlier, Federal pays premiums beyond the top. The awards that are derived from the numbers extracted in the five bands are considered secondary. It is easier to win some awards from this group, but in return, the amounts paid are also lower. There are three types of secondary awards and below you will get to know each one. Learn what you need to do pay to earn:

  • Thousand one hundred and ten

When we get to the secondary awards, it means you don’t have to hit the exact sequence of any of the tracks to be awarded. You can win by hitting the last four, three or two numbers of any of the winning strings that were previously drawn. These awards are called, respectively, thousands, hundreds and tens. You can be contemplated by setting numbers from both the first and fifth and last tracks, as the prizes are valid for all of them. The value of the prize won, however, goes according to the range in which the hits are made: the higher the range, the higher the prize. This same thought also holds for the correct number of numbers. This means that the more right numbers, the higher the value won by the player. Therefore, in this secondary award, the highest prize is paid to those who hit the thousand of the first prize range.

  • Khanapara Teer common number

You can also win the Khanapara Teer Result without hitting any ten drawn. This is possible because secondary awards include three numbers above or below. That is, if the last two numbers of your tickets are up to three boxes above or below the ten drawn in the first lane, you will be awarded. For example, let’s imagine that extracting the first track resulted in the numerical sequenc  khanapara teer result. This means that the tens of this extraction, formed by the last two numbers, is 10. This way, all bettors who bought tickets ending on 11, 12 and 13 or 09, 08 and 07 would also be awarded. After all, these are the numbers that are immediately above or below 10.

  • Shillong Teer result

It is no coincidence that the Shillong Teer Result can be considered one of the easiest to win in Brazil. In this game, the gambler can get away with some money even by hitting a single number. To be successful with a single digit, the last ticket number must be the same as the last sequence number extracted in the first lane. Keeping the example above from extraction Shillong Teer Result, the unit of this sequence would be 0. This is because, when we talk about unity, we are referring to the last number of extraction.

This means, therefore, that all players who have tickets ending in 0 will be awarded under this rule and will receive some prize.

How to redeem Khanapara Teer Result prize?

Now that you know there are many chances of winning the Khanapara Teer Result, it is important to understand what to do to redeem your money if you win. The procedures required for withdrawal vary according to the amount earned. Redemption may be requested at any Caixa Teer or branch, provided the net premium is up to R $ 1,332.78 (or gross of R $ 1,903.98). If the amount exceeds this limit, withdrawal may only be made at Caixa branches. When the prize is $ 10,000 or more, you still have to wait two days after identification to receive the money. It is also important to be aware of the deadline so as not to lose the right to redeem your prize. Who is awarded has 90 days from the draw to request the withdrawal.

khanapara teer result live

After this period, Khanapara Teer Result revenues are passed on to the National Treasury. Ready! Now you understand all about one of the easiest lotteries in Brazil. Once you’ve figured out how to choose the Khanapara Teer Result ticket, how about checking out the best tips to further increase your chances of winning?


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