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Linkbuilding: a part of the SEO strategy to attract customers

Creating a new business is never easy. Search for an idea and start it up, think about how we can attract new clients or how to make ourselves known, what activities will increase the flow of visits … Endless questions that will be resolved over time. However, we must be clear that there are a number of SEO tools that will allow us to take advantage of the Internet and social networks to achieve our business objectives. The Linkbuilding (sound) is one of the SEO techniques that will allow us, on the one hand, promote our business against target audience. On the other hand, we can improve our search engine positioning by getting relevance to our website. It is an SEO strategy  which is that other companies or websites link to our page, and thus achieve a better search engine ranking , since Google will consider that they are linking us because we are a relevant page.

Do Linkbuilding and why it is good for SEO

There are several SEO tools to analyze and create a strong Linkbuilding strategy. One of the most common is to mobilize the content of our website on social networks, even more after knowing that Google’s new algorithm takes increasingly into account the Social Media environment. Initially, we need to create a website for our business and be present on Twitter and Facebook. Through social networks, we will discuss other businesses that are related to ours and we will put valuable comments that capture the user’s attention and provide new information, whether in blogs, news, forums or in the company’s own networks. The objective of Linkbuilding is that the comment is relevant, brings benefits and improves our brand image. Therefore, we are not only looking to lay one of the foundations of the SEO strategy,

In this way, we will be encouraging the potential client to visit our website and get to know our products, in addition to creating a bond with the company in which we have commented. Next to the comment it is advisable to leave the link of our website, but always trying to add value, so that that comment makes sense for users of the Facebook page where we are making the comment, as well as for its moderator.

Advantages of Linkbuilding

  1. We improve our search engine positioning, which helps users find our business as the first option on the Internet.
  2. It is an SEO strategy that, through links on other web pages, increases the flow of visits. If we want the customer to stay with us, the website must be attractive for the product to interest. Although this last point is the final part of a good SEO strategy, it is important that we consider it.
  3. We capture a more heterogeneous audience. The comments will be made on other pages that have users that are within our target, but at the same time we will get the attention of another type of audience.
  4. We will improve our brand image and make ourselves known not only among users, but in the world around our company. Other businesses will take us as a reference and will eventually include our links without the need for Linkbuilding.

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