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Local SEO: what it is and how it works

The entrepreneurs at the head of a small business also have to consider many departments for the company going well: business, accounting, computer … and  SEO . Today, if a company, however small, does not appear in Internet search engines , it is as if it did not exist.

The search engine positioning obtains results that are not palpable or measured, but that influence directly in sales of enterprise a. Leading an SEO strategy is very important for companies, and also for SMEs . The online marketing is no longer reserved for large companies, but many small and medium enterprises also have a SEO agency for strategy . And is that consumers seek information on the network, however specific. According to one study, four out of five users perform local searches  on products or services.

What is local SEO?

Following the increase in searches of this type, since July 2014, Google launched a local search algorithm . The so-called SEL ( Search Engine Land ) improved parameters such as classification and location . This way the user searches for a business and Google automatically shows the closest one. In addition, it is also possible to position certain keywords or businesses with local parameters , so that the user can find it directly if they search in specific areas.

Local SEO: local results

When you perform a local search on Google, it gives three types of results:

  • Payment (an Adwords campaign ).
  • List of companies with a Google map.
  • Organic search.

However, we must bear in mind that for other searches, such as restaurants and hotels, you can even filter by other parameters such as user ratings, price, etc. So the optimization of local SEO should be paramount.

How to check local SEO

To get a good  local SEO , we, as an SEO agency , propose that you search for local keywords and check the visibility that Google gives them. Then, using the incognito window , do the same search, and check how the results are personalized and local, depending on the user, and those that are displayed organically, without local parameters. In any case, we always recommend that the SEO strategy , whether local or not, be consulted with an SEO agency to get the most out of it and get the best results.

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