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SEO: April 21, or you’re mobile, or disappear from Google

Mobile devices have become the most used technology device for users to access the Internet and search the web. The goal of Google is that the results are as timely as possible, and match the terms that the user has typed. And companies seek to be that timely result , through the use of various SEO techniques, to occupy the top positions of the search engine. For this there are a number of SEO toolsthat allow to achieve it, and that must be applied based on a good search engine positioning strategy. A good study of keywords, and quality content, would be the basis of that SEO strategy, although the aforementioned trend of navigation from mobile devices is slightly modifying the work of an SEO consultant when it comes to getting a good search engine optimization, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, …

SEO, responsive and search engine optimization

Google wants to improve access to mobile content and has just announced important changes that affect the SEO techniques used by companies. Websites have to be adapted to mobile devices. This is a premise that Google had been announcing and recommending to SEO consultants, but the search engine has become serious, definitely. The  April 21 is the date set to start operating this development will affect all languages and decisively search engine positioning. Thus, users will first obtain the information that Google considers most relevant, but that also fits the characteristics of mobile devices , both in user experience and in loading time.

How does Google detect that a web page follows the necessary parameters?

There is a tool to verify if the websites have adapted to mobile browsing, which is called ‘Mobile-Friendly’ . Through this check, you will find relevant information about your site. Information that can also be found in Google’s Webmaster tools, entering the mobile usability section that Google has recently launched, also for the Spanish version.

App search engine positioning

Another change that Google has introduced is related to the relevance of content specially designed for mobile. In other words, for Apps. An evolution of what we know as ASO positioning is developed, which would be to obtain better positions in the stores selling applications, such as iTunes or Google Play. From now on, it will be possible to find applications that fit user searches directly from Google, although with an important and nonexistent addition so far: open the application through the configuration of deep links and other issues, explained in the next article for developers on how to favor the indexing and opening of apps from Google’s organic results. Following these parameters, we will achieve better search engine positioning of applications.

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