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SEO: effective techniques to improve your website

Every month Google receives a total of 10,000 million searches performed by its users. A figure that is increasing and that arouses the interest of companies to achieve a good search engine positioning . SEO strategies will help companies get to bring more users making them become potential customers if efforts continue to improve the website with the help of an SEO agency . To do this, there are some essential techniques that will make our SEO strategy more effective and we can overcome our competition in search engine optimization .

  1. SEO: Title Tags

For the optimization of the web pages, we must have a single title tag where the name of the company or brand appears and the keywords that define our business and what we offer to users. The text we include, no more than 70 characters, should be informative to be better analyzed by search engines and achieve success in our SEO strategy.

  1. SEO: Meta-descriptive tags

Each page that we include within our website must contain a personalized meta-descriptive label for the content offered within it. These tags, which will help improve  search engine optimization, should contain a summary of the page in approximately 150 characters, also including the selected keywords together with an SEO agency, as part of the SEO strategy.

  1. SEO: Header tags

For the optimization of the website it is advisable to use header tags in the body of the news that we include in our website in which we include the keywords . This technique allows search engines to analyze us better for search engine positioning and that users feel comfortable on our website because it will provide visual relief by seeing everything clearer.

  1. SEO: Image tags

The images contained in our website must also contain tags with the keywords to help search engines link our website with user searches and thus get potential customers.

  1. SEO: Site Map

A site map with links to the different pages of our website will allow greater content optimization and will facilitate the analysis of search engines . The site map helps indexing so that the user does not get lost, which Google will take into account for the  SEO of the website.

  1. SEO: A periodic update of the website

final SEO technique is to update your website regularly. The main priority of the search engines is to give results that respond to the needs of the user so that they have the latest and updated information . In addition, the chances of generating traffic are higher because it means more content with keywords

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