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SEO: first steps for search engine optimization

An SEO strategy does not only imply establishing the necessary parameters required by this digital marketing technique. If we want to achieve optimal and effective results for a good search engine optimization, we must go to an SEO agency and constantly analyze the impact of the SEO strategy that we have implemented. We must take action by analyzing the search engine positioning of our website.

How to achieve a good search engine optimization

  1. We must often review the place where our website is located within the ranking established by search engines based on the SEO strategies we apply. To do this, we can use the Alexa tool or the Google toolbar.
  2. We must make an analysis of where visitors come from our website and what are the keywords they have used to reach us. We can help ourselves with an SEO agency .
  3. The keywords must appear in all the content of our website: titles, tags, URLs, texts, images … We must give them a strategic use.
  4. One of the techniques that can not be missing in our SEO strategy is to include internal links within our website that direct visitors to individual pages. This will increase visitor traffic.
  5. For effectiveness in search engine optimization, we must include a map of the website where a list of all our contents and links to each of the pages appears. The idea is for the visitor to make how many fewer clicks to reach a content.
  6. Create short URLs that include the keywords . Search engines will analyze them better for search engine optimization. At this point, it is advisable to have an SEO agency.
  7. Describe the images that we include in the website where the keywords of the SEO strategy appear since the search engines analyze all the content.
  8. To increase the traffic of visitors we must make a periodic update of the content of our page since the search engines will take into account the current information to establish the search engine positioning raking.
  9. A quality SEO strategy should be guided in the use of social networks where we include links to our website.
  10. Create agreements with other companies to include links to our website on other sites and thus increase traffic. The more present we are on the web, the more effective our SEO strategy , driven by an SEO agency, will be for search engine optimization .

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