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SEO: Gray Hat Techniques

When applying an SEO strategy, we must be clear about the steps to follow to achieve a good search engine optimization . We are talking about market analysis, the search for the most profitable keywords within that market and the study of competition in relation to SEO. Once we have optimized our website, with the experience of an SEO agency , the possibility of applying Gray Hat SEO techniques opens before us .

The Gray Hat SEO is aimed at increasing visitor traffic through different techniques, but which may or may not be penalized by search engines . In this way, companies must know which practices are correct and which are not to improve search engine optimization.

What Gray Hat SEO techniques are penalized?

  • Some companies use software to increase visitor traffic in a short period of time , such as sending friend requests to all their followers on social networks. This Gray Hat SEO technique could generate a great investment to the company but does not comply with Google guidelines , so it could be penalized in search engine optimization. An SEO agency will advise the company and avoid these situations.
  • Newly created companies or without user recognition can hire an expert to write a definition about the company to include the keywords of the SEO strategy. But the fact of paying for including comments on a website or blog to improve search engine positioning is not implemented at the moment .
  • Google has not yet penalized companies that pay for bookmarking services to increase their presence on the network . Thus, companies offer an amount for users to publicize the company on the Internet through internal links, in some social networks, such as Linkedin, to increase visitor traffic.
  • The duplicate content is another technique Gray Hat SEO is to use information from other media to promote the company. Search engines do not detect if that content is false or if it is innovative information , simply that it is attractive to users, when establishing search engine ranking. We should consult  an SEO agency before making this decision.
  • The creation of small sites within the website itself to place greater emphasis on keywords and thus achieve greater SEO strategy effectiveness is a Gray Hat SEO technique not penalized by search engines.

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