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SEO: H1, H2 and H3, how to use header tags

To establish a relationship between user searches and the information we offer on our website, we use an SEO strategy. This digital marketing technique allows us to inform the search engines of the theme of our online business to achieve a good search engine positioning every time users search for information about it. Lottery Sambad

But what are the labels that allow us to define the content of our website? We are talking about the H1, H2 and H3 header tags . They are responsible for our website to have a correct search engine positioning because they are the ones that will capture the attention of search engines. To get the most out of them we have SEO agencies .

SEO: H1 header tag

The H1 tag serves to summarize in a sentence the content of a web page that we incorporate into our website in general. If we include more than one H1 header tag within the same page, our SEO strategy may not be effective . H1 is the global definition of what the user is going to find within that web page, so we must include an H1 tag in each of the web pages that make up the website.

The H1 phrase should appear as high as possible on the page so that search engines analyze us more efficiently and achieve a good search engine ranking. To avoid confusion errors in the importance of H1 content, we cannot include links in this header tag . Although the SEO strategy keywords should appear on the H1 tag . These aspects will be remembered by an SEO agency.

SEO: H2 Header Tag

The H2 tag is used to define the contents that form the subsections of the web page . This label may appear more than once on the same page although the title of the same must be adapted to the content of each document to achieve better search engine positioning . The keywords included in H2 must define the text that follows.

SEO: H3 header tag

The H3 tag and the preceding ones serve to define a small section within an H2 title . It is not advisable to use tags that exceed H4 because we would lose efficiency in SEO. These tags serve to give a visual break and to place greater emphasis on the keywords and content we offer on a web page.

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