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SEO: keyword density

The keywords are the essential tool of any SEO strategy. The keywords are those that a company chooses to define its business before the search engines to improve its search engine positioning . But for search engines to detect keywords more effectively, we must enter them into the content of the website. An SEO agency will advise us on how to place the keywords within the texts and which are the ones that will benefit the most from our business.

For the effectiveness of the search engine positioning strategy, the keywords must be present in the content at least 20% of the total words in the text . This keyword density will help search engines detect them more easily and, therefore, relate them to user searches. The ultimate goal is to achieve a good search engine positioning along with the experience of an SEO agency , which will advise us on the ideal density of the keywords. But to measure what is the density of the keywords that we have included in our website there are a number of tools.

Tools to detect keyword density

  1. SEOchat Page Keyword Density Analysis : It is a tool that finalizes what are the most repeated keywords throughout the content of a web page and sorts them according to their density. It is a good strategy if we want to find out the keywords most used by our competitors, although an SEO agency will always help us optimize the strategy.
  2. Keyword Density : It is a tool that allows you to compare the keywords used by two web pages at the same time . To do this, you must enter the address of the two websites and what is the keyword to analyze, and the tool will measure what is its density on both pages and on which sites they appear. It is an effective method to improve search engine optimization, complementary to the work of an SEO agency.
  3. Submit Express : It is a tool that measures the density of the keywords but also analyzes whether they are well positioned on the labels and the effectiveness of their length . This tool focuses on the weight of the keywords and the loading speed of the web to determine if the keywords are not harming usability . It is a method that helps you find out how search engines read keywords.
  4. SEOmasterin Keyword Frecuency Analyzer : Analyzes the density of keywords in all the contents of the web: title, tags, text links, images … Help in writing regarding keywords for search engine optimization , which will improve traffic of visits.


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