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Why combine SEO strategy with paid online advertising

The presence of our business on the Internet requires a digital marketing strategy to get new customers. We often think that with an SEO strategy it is enough to be present in the search engines and position ourselves as the most visited company. However, advertising goes hand in hand with SEO work for search engine optimization. One of the most common payment methods is the PPC (pay per click). The combination of both models can offer us a strong marketing strategy to guide Internet traffic to our website. Next we will explain how to combine SEO and PPC tools,although if during the reading of this article you have more specific doubts about how to manage an advertising campaign in Adwords (one of the most well-known pay per click formats and impressions), you can consult our semi – square colleagues , who are up to date of everything related to online advertising.

SEO strategy or online advertising strategy?

If we have doubts about whether we are interested in a   natural search engine positioning , if we need to pay to appear in google search results, or if we must combine both, we have to ask ourselves the following three questions:

  1. Do you want the presence of your business on the web to be credible?

SEO and PPC help strengthen customer credibility in our products. Users tend to rely on search results and 68% choose the first three options that appear, so search engine optimization is essential. If we use the PPC, after an SEO strategy, we will be making sure that new users will visit our website by the trade name while reassuring our potential buyers with the presence on the Internet.

  1. How to get a visitor traffic with potential customers?

When someone searches for a product or service over the Internet, they are most likely considering making a purchase. If we use an SEO strategy our business will appear before your eyes, however, we do not make sure that you visit our website or make the purchase. To do this, in addition to positioning ourselves in searches, we also need to carry out a PPC strategy because people who click on our ad are more likely to make an immediate purchase, since in these ads you can talk about offers and you can make a call to the action that increases conversions. Thus, visitor traffic through an ad ensures the sale of our products.

  1. Is our online business adapted to mobile devices?

Since 2013, 46% of Internet searches occur through mobile devices. 61% of these searches are carried out with the purpose of making a purchase and the majority are on the websites that are better positioned. Therefore, we must focus our efforts on adapting our business to mobile devices . A PPC strategy gives greater benefits through a Smartphone because the rates per click are higher. The PPC together with SEO assure you that your digital search engine marketing will give you benefits.

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